Triple Crown Training – February

For me, February is always the start of ‘proper training’ again. December is always a reduced mileage month after a tough year and January is all about starting to re-build a decent base for the year ahead.

As with last month, I’ve continued to run 4-5 times a week and have a least 1 but usually two full rest days per week.  This month I’ve noticed it’s definitely getting lighter in the morning and the evening which is fantastic!  I’ve managed some double run days and even some evening runs, which has meant a few well earned ‘sleep ins’.

So, last month I was talking about CrossFit and how well it had been going.  I think I spoke too soon….  After a spectacular fall at the beginning of the month I really hurt my shoulder.  The pain became quite intense and my OH insisted on taking me to the walk in centre, where they seemed convinced I had dislocated my shoulder!!!!!  Shit!  Anyhow, several hours, x-ray’s and examinations later medical staff were satisfied nothing was broken and everything was now where it was meant to be.  However they warned me the soft tissue damage would continue to cause me some pain for a while.  That put a stop to my plans to take take over the CrossFit world.  CrossFit is kind of impossible with a dodgy shoulder!  It also meant running, well any exercise was off the cards for a few days.  However, as soon as I could move again, I dosed up on painkillers and kept pounding out the miles, forgetting the medical advice to take at least a week off.  But we’re a hardy bunch us runners, it’s amazing how we can adapt around dodgy injured bits.  But of course when the very helpful nurse practitioner asked me if I’d rest, I smiled sweetly and said of course I would… only a white lie though surely?!

I’m a bit of a believer that pain is inevitable at some point in an ultra.  I think there are different kinds of pain.  The pain you would expect to feel when running a really long way and the pain which means something is very wrong.  I think you learn to understand what kind of pain you’re experiencing and deal with the first kind of pain when training for and running ultras.  So I thought it was absolutely fine to continue running.  I will always listen to advice but I think we know our own bodies.  They are clever and can tell us when they are tired, hungry and in the kind of pain which requires us to stop what we’re doing.  Like the time I had a minor disagreement with a moving car whilst running.  The car won.  I felt the second kind of pain… for a long time.

Training this month has been mostly local around the North Pennines and Hamsterly Forest, trying to get in some decent climb, as well as decent mileage.  The month was meant to finish with a jaunt around the Yorkshire 3 Peaks with some ultra running legends, the accomplishments between them are pretty impressive!  However, OH and I decided on a last minute trip to Tenerife!  5 days staying in a the beautiful village of Vilaflor, 14oom above sea level and on route to Mount Teide.  The running was stunning and the absolute highlight of the month and year so far. Some of the trails were quite technical and climbs relentless.  I did moan a bit.  OH ignored me.  In the end I loved it all and am convinced the training has made be stronger.

So next month see’s my first (and second!) race of the year.  I’m returning to Haworth Hobble.  It’s 32 miles, 1300m+ ascent and I remember lots of mud!  I had a terrible race last year, fell over a lot, lost my shoe, had serious stomach cramps and was just generally crap! My OH is forcing me to return, part of me is dreading it but part of my wants to put last years demons to rest.  Hopefully, this year, with a bit of help from Tailwind I’ll have a better day! I’ve also decided to enter Canalathon and have a bash at a 50k PB.  Busy month ahead.


20 Runs

203 Miles

26,500ft ascent

0 CrossFit Sessions

At least 6 Falls (probably more!)

Happy Running Everyone – Bye for now 🙂

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